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Arcadia University

How the customer uses the solution:

MediaHaven is used as a central repository where they can preserve, manage and distribute all their collection and non-collection based digital content.  
They have multiple different user profiles that will be working with different types of content.

Short intro on the customer:

The Arcadia University is a private University from Philadelphia and was one of the first US based organizations to sign on for the MediaHaven platform. Arcadia received high marks in the U.S. News & World report's 2015 edition of best colleges and for the fifth consecutive year they ranked first in the U.S. in Study Abroad.

The challenge:

Arcadia needed a central platform to manage and distribute their digital media assets. Over 3TB of content was stored on a shared drive and they have 25 employees who need to be able to access the content on a regular basis. Moreover they also have several external partners who need partial access as well.

The Solution:

MediaHaven is used as a central repository where internal and external users can easily search and retrieve content. The fine-grained permission structure allows Arcadia to protect the integrity of their content at all times. Our migration specialists assisted Arcadia in getting both their assets and the existing metadata onto the platform.

The Benefits:

With MediaHaven Arcadia has a secure platform in place that allows them to preserve, manage and distribute all their content. Thanks to the scalability of MediaHaven they have a future proof solution.

MediaHaven client - Westtoer

Westtoer uses MediaHaven as their backbone

Westtoer uses the MediaHaven cloud solution as a central repository that supports their media delivery workflows.

Short intro

Westtoer is an autonomous organization responsible for promoting tourism in the West Flanders region.

The challenge

Before using MediaHaven, Westtoer already had a Media Asset Management platform in place. A smooth migration of the existing media content and the accompanying metadata was critical. Also within their day-to-day operations Westtoer uses multiple third party applications, it was essential that the new solution could be integrated within the existing architecture.

The Solution

Our metadata specialist team, assisted Westtoer with the migration of their existing content and metadata. We configured a metadata translation in order to convert the data from their existing solution towards MediaHaven through the use of XML files.

A proficient integration with third party applications allows Westtoer to use their content in multiple ways. For instance the rest-api has been used to integrate with mobile applications. And the drupal plugin allows the web developers of Westtoer to use media content within their websites. Finally Westtoer uses the MediaHaven web interface to share content with both internal and external users.

The Benefits

Westtoer now has one central repository that allows the communication department to search content and directly imbed content in websites and third party applications. Further they can easily share files with both internal and external users. Since MediaHaven has been installed collaboration has increased and the reuse of content has doubled, resulting in major time gains.

Switching to MediaHaven went perfectly.

We’ve easily imported all the existing media with their metadata. On top, everything is now fully integrated with other software and websites.

Marc Portier
ICT Manager

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We can now easily share our historic and press archives.

MediaHaven allows us, as a museum and documentation center, to share our historic and press archives. Not only does this speed up our workflow internally, the general public can now easily browse this content.

Dorien Styven
Collection Manager
Kazerne Dossin

MediaHaven offers a lot of possibilities by default and is highly adaptable.

As a service provider with more than 130 separate archives, the multi tenant aspect in particular is a key feature for us.

Nico Verplancke
Nico Verplancke